Observability with Purpose

Clarity in Kubernetes and Application Performance
User-Focused Observability for Operational Insight and Proactive Management
Simplify Maintenance, and Accelerate Product Development

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Seamless integration for large Kubernetes clusters: monitor with ease

ApexData is engineered for immediate deployment across extensive Kubernetes environments, drawing from our history of building observability for thousands of clusters. Service mesh, networking, storage, resource metrics, container health, and deployment status covered.

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Instantly Embed UX and API Monitoring: Leverage developer-friendly tools for a streamlined observability journey

Integrate your existing Postman collections and Playwright scripts to initiate observability without delay. Enhance your capabilities by leveraging tools you already know, ensuring a quick and familiar broadening of your oversight landscape. Customize and extend your coverage effortlessly.

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Metrics, logging, and traces together. AI-Powered troubleshooting

Utilize integrated logging and tracing systems to gain deep insights into your application's performance. Leverage our AI-driven troubleshooting system, specifically designed to alleviate the workload for SRE engineers. Receive immediate, actionable alerts that cut through the noise.

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Instant clarity: dive deep with fast visualization & granular insights

Unlock immediate understanding of your infrastructure with the world's fastest visualization tools. Every dashboard is ready to use from the beginning, providing detailed granularity in graphs and extensive metrics history. No customization or configuration required. Focus on optimizing performance right from the start.

Pay one time, own forever. SaaS subscription is also available.

Pay for the software, not for the size of your infrastructure. Support, updates and source code provided.


  • Pay by Data Volume
    Charge based on the amount of metrics/logs sent, not the number of hosts
  • Transparent Pricing
    No hidden fees or unexpected charges
  • Data Ownership
    Retrieve your monitoring data at any point, even after canceling
  • Zero Infrastructure Hassle
    We host and manage the monitoring platform, so you don’t have to
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  • Transparent Flat-Fee Pricing: One-time payment with no hidden costs for clear, straightforward budgeting.
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support: Gain priority access to our support team around the clock for any assistance you need.
  • Complimentary Minor Version Updates: Stay updated with the latest minor version enhancements at no extra charge.
  • Full Source Code Access: Receive the complete source code, offering the ultimate in flexibility and customization.
  • Comprehensive Installation Guidance: Benefit from expert consulting to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.
  • Extended Three-Year Support: Enjoy long-term support commitment for peace of mind and sustained performance.
  • Bespoke Development Options: Avail of custom development and professional services tailored to your unique requirements.
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Expert Support with a Client-First Approach

Discover the difference dedication makes, as our team goes above and beyond to meet your needs.
Backed by expert support committed to ensuring client success

Security in Mind

Dedicated Support

Our team is available around the clock to assist you. Your success is our priority, and we're committed to helping you achieve it. Avoid the ping-pong of tickets and emails; for quick assistance, connect with us via online chat for immediate help. Get help from engineers and founders.

Responsive to Your Needs

Responsive to Your Needs

Our team is deeply committed to aligning with our users' expectations and requests. If you're seeking to extend functionality, introduce new features, or suggest improvements, we're here to listen. Your input is invaluable to us, and we endeavor to adapt and evolve our services to meet your specific needs.

Partner with a Community of Innovative Companies

At ApexData, we're dedicated to enhancing your infrastructure monitoring with cutting-edge solutions, trusted by a growing network of innovative companies aiming to streamline their operational processes.


Jeremy Grooves

COO, Enterra


“ApexData has transformed our infrastructure monitoring, vastly improving efficiency and reducing system issues. Their AI-driven root cause analysis has significantly eased the burden on our engineering teams. The ApexData team is responsive and professional, offering top-notch support. With their cutting-edge technology, we're optimizing our operations seamlessly. ApexData is an essential partner for advanced monitoring solutions.”

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